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Personal Stuff

Here you will find some details of my past and present life, and a few projections about the future. Thereís stuff here about my family, my social justice interests, what I do for fun, the "causes" I support, my attitude about money and other odds and ends. (Includes links to sites about waterbirth, taiko drumming, choral singing, Unitarian/Universalism, where I attended school and more)

to Sexuality Stuff

Sexuality Stuff

Sorry, nothing here about my personal sex life, or that of anyone else. Here I touch on the founding of Good Vibrations and Down There Press, the books Iíve written and edited, the videotapes and other work Iíve done in the area of sexuality education. (Includes links to Good Vibrations and Down There Press, professional associations, sexuality resources, and a fun survey for you to participate in--if you are a sexually active adult.)

to CoHousing

Cohousing Stuff

This is information on my involvement in the Cohousing movement, plus pictures of my new home being built.

to Other Stuff

Other Stuff

An annotated list of all the links found elsewhere on my site, and a handful of others appearing for the first time.

to Contact Stuff


Contact Stuff

Contact me by email, snail mail or fax with your questions, your suggestions for my site, or just to say hi if you are a long-lost friend or acquaintance or would like to become a new one.

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